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There Is More To Honey Than  Sweet

We have been enjoying honey since we began walking upright and likely before.

The first time we find the mention of honey in history is from Sumerian

literature, 2100 B.C.


The only food that will not spoil, a jar was found in an Egyptian tomb and it was

still as the bees made it. Honey will crystallize but a little warmth and it comes

right back to normal.

There are several different types depending on the pollen collected by the bees.

I believe I see clover and orange the most.


Here in my area we have a large fruit industry and bees play an important role.

I find it fresh from the beekeeper.   

There are also different grades.  

Get the best, look for the A rating in your market and 100% pure without the

pollen being removed.


The National Honey Board has a search for you to find a supplier in your area.


We also have the wax.  Of course mainly used by the bees we use it in many ways.

Besides candles you will find bees-wax in skin care products, petroleum, hair products

and the good old mustache wax. The wax is non-allergenic and  has a mild

anti-inflammatory and antioxidant quality.  

Used as a coating on cheese and other foods as protection during ageing.  If you see E901

as an ingredient it has bees-wax in it.


Sweeter than sugar, honey takes less to sweeten.  Exchange it for sugar in some of your

favorite recipes, especially when baking, and see what you think.  Generally 1 cup honey

will replace 1 1/4 cups of sugar.  Also containing water you may want to adjust the liquid.

Sugar also converts to fat easier.  Sugar is a little higher in calories so using less honey

to sweeten can lower your calorie intake. .


Honey has also been used as an antibacterial ointment throughout history.  

Placed over wounds and burns to stop infection and promote healing.  

There have been several clinical studies done and it has been determined honey works better than our modern creams and ointments.  Amazing.  (100% pure Honey)

The properties of a bee sting have also been shown to help with pain.


A serous wound should be looked at by your doctor. 

It is not recommended to give to babies under one year of age.


Bees are in trouble today.  The planet would be a sad place without them.  

There are already places where the bees have disappeared because of pesticides and pollution. We would lose our fruit and vegetables.  

Be Nice to the bees!

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