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Asparagus on Toast

Updated: Apr 25

Asparagus on Toast

It’s that time of year for Asparagus to start popping up and one of my favorites in Asparagus on Toast. Your classic white sauce with fish, and some of your favorite bread toasted.

I always add the rue element to any gravy or sauces. Browning the flour always gives it a nutty flavor rather than just having that raw flour taste. In this dish just turn the rue to a light yellow.

No matter what you're using for fat, butter, olive oil, etc. it takes one part fat to one part flour.

This is easy and doesn't take any time at all. Whatever fat you choose butter or olive oil work for me. Brown the flour, salt and pepper to taste and add skim milk. I use skim milk to help cut back on the fat. Of course whole milk or half and half will make the dish richer. Heck you only live once.

You can poach, broil, or fry the fish to bring out the flavor. At the end, just add it to your sauce. Shrimp or Scallops or both are wonderful too.

I like my Asparagus when it still has a little crunch to it. Boil, microwave, broil, or however you like to prepare it. Even on the grill. Some good whole wheat toast (choose your favorite). Lay a few spears on the toast and pour on the sauce. Oh Yes!

Any white fish will work. I choose tilapia (not from China) or cod. When I have had little luck catching a Steal-Head I use it. The first time I had this dish it was with Steal-Head.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner this is a wonderful meal. I hardly ever have left overs and that's too bad. As with many dishes it gets better when warmed up the second time.


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Read more about Asparagus here.

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