• Robert Dickens

Learn About Butterflies Day

I like days like this. It’s Learn About Butterflies Day.

The weather is warming up and I just want to be outside. It doesn’t take much to keep an idiot happy because I can’t wait to mow the lawn.

I moved the swing and chairs out of the garage yesterday.

Bout time to have a fire and hang out in the yard. Invite some friends over and barbecue.

I’m ready to plant some more flowers too. It’s a little too cold and muddy yet. Won’t be long.

The Crocus, Daffodils, and Tulips will be popping soon plus the mushrooms.

We had loads of Butterflies last year and Hummingbirds too.

Here is a list from the Old Farmer’s Almanac that attracts the Butterfly

#Butterflies #Butterfly

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