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Blue Food

I was doing a little research on colors last week on how they affect people.

I came across this page and a gentleman was talking about blue. He said the color blue was about most on unappetizing eating color.

Not many foods we eat are blue, at least healthy ones.

This gentleman reported that diet gurus say die your food blue and you will eat less.

I never really thought about the color being unappetizing. The presentation of a dish is just as much about the way it looks and the aroma as the taste. If it's pleasing to the eye it's likely to be pleasing to the palate.

I know that since that M&M Company started making blue candies there the first ones I go for. So much for blue being unappetizing for me.

I thought was funny because he suggested dying pasta noodles blue and the possibility eating less was likely.

I think a child would go with the blue spaghetti. I'll have to try it on my grandchildren. You just put a few drops of blue food coloring in your pasta water.

I know there has been a little controversy about blue, food grade dye causing cancer. You can check this with the FDA may say it's safe under a certain concentration.

We find blue ice cream, candy and gum, beverages and cereals so I guess there really is more blue food than we think. You have to remember the blueberry.

Don't get blue over your food and check out this blue spaghetti.

Blue Spagetti

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