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Looking Forward to Spring

I’m looking forward to spring! One of my favorite meals for spring days is White Clam

clam sauce.jpg

Sauce over Pasta.

You can find Clam Sauce on the shelf at your local market. It comes in red also. I like the white best. Good right from the can, you can dress it up some but it’s easy to make home-made. For some reason they took it of the self at my favorite market.

Clams are good for you. More iron than beef and contain the omega-3 fatty acids we all hear about. Heart Healthy with the same protein and fat with much higher amounts of most vitamins and minerals as chicken has. Clams do contain some cholesterol but because of the saturated-fat content it’s a lot better for you than a burger and fries. There are no warnings about clams for people with high cholesterol.

An over indulgence in shell-fish is not recommended for arthritis and gout sufferers because a build up of uric acid can occur. Moderation is key.

White Wine. Although Red is better for our health because the shin is part of the wine making process (the skin is where all the flavonoids are) you can get the health benefits from wine with the white.

Onions or Shallots and Garlic are always good for you and your plumbing. The only bad thing about them may be your breath. They help lower blood pressure and hinder tumors. They also reduce cholesterol. There is a warning for those taking blood thinners about garlic. Excessive use of garlic can act as a blood thinner. Garlic is said to be one of the oldest cultivated plants of civilized man.

Add Mushrooms. There are so many types in the market today. Find your favorite. Their earthy, meaty flavor fits in many dishes or just by themselves.

Mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes throughout history besides being good to eat. They are very low in calories and a fat-free food. A big plus for women there is an aspect there that helps fight breast cancer.

Use Red Pepper. Black pepper, which I love, Is very “woody”. Your body can’t even digest it. Red pepper, however, is very healthy for you heart and circulation. Cayenne pepper is great for your blood pressure, stomach and the intestinal tract. There is evidence a glass of warm water with cayenne pepper in it can stop a heart attack and diminish rheumatism.

Pasta. Whole wheat pasta is considered better for you. I tried it and it didn’t work for me. The one made with alfalfa is my choice. There are many others. Watch for the sugar content.

You will find recipes on the net for this sauce or try it off the shelf. You can always make it your own next time.

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