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Chocolate Brownie Secret

My little sister withheld this recipe from me for many years. She was the chocolate brownie Queen of the world when we were in junior a senior high school.

Little Sister and I.

She would bake these up when no one was around and refused to tell her recipe for years. We would get that I know something you don’t grin every time we asked her about it.

I figured they weren’t just from the box but the brownies were just too good for that. After inspecting the trash a few times, and no box, I concluded there was more to this than met the eye.

Finally after many, many years I figured it out. Such a simple thing Homemade Chocolate Brownies turned out to be.

I have always enjoyed cooking but never baked that much except for chocolate chip cookies. This was a no brainer! The secret was on the back of a box of cocoa. The secret of the homemade chocolate brownie is so simple I don’t buy the “box” stuff anymore.

That is one skirmish grin I don’t get from her anymore.

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