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Shoes Gotta Go

Well it’s been a mild winter so far here in Southwest Lower Michigan.

We did have a little snow last week. A foot or so.

Home 2.jpg

It's been near 40 for two days now.

Everthing is melting and I have all the ice

from the driveway shoveled off.

Now today a reminder has arrived that it is winter.

It’s cold outside.

I really don’t mind the fall, it’s a great time of year. Everything in the garden is ready to pick and eat. Leaves begin to turn it makes for a beautiful landscape.

The one thing that I just can’t stand, when the weather starts to turn cold, is having to start wearing shoes again.

I just hate wearing shoes. Come to think of itsocks aren’t that great either.

I’m not that much of a barefoot personalthough I do try to walk around in the yard barefoot couple times a week.

They say giving your feet a little barefoot time is good for the soul, no pun intended.

I just blew out my favorite sandals last year and had to get a new pair. I was mowing the lawn and the soles came off. There is not as comfortable as my old ones but I’ll grow into them in the spring.

I do have a great pair of shoes. I trust in SAS. That is The San Antonio Shoe Company. I’ve been wearing them for 15 years plus. The most comfortable shoes I have never owned.

This is just a fact, sad to say, I have no recourse but to suffer through these cold days of the shoe.

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