Natural Pain Relief

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Discover the power of the Tart Cherry.

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is loaded with a number of amazing antioxidants and nutrients.


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For more information on All Natural Pain Management request a consultation with Robert.

Research indicates Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate may help with certain

health issues such as joint health, getting a restful night’s sleep and relieving muscle soreness.


Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is available in juice and capsules. 

For our purposes here we will say there are two types of pain, trauma and inflammation.                       Most of our issues with pain come from inflammation. Arthritis is a disease of inflammation.               There are over 150 types of arthritis.

Our most important tools to reduce inflammation in our bodies is through nutrition.                               There are many  anti-inflammatory foods.

The first step to healing our bodies is being healthy.  As the Greek Hippocrates said,                              Food is medicine and medicine is food.”

We all know we need fiber, cut out process sugar, and watch the saturated fat we consume.                We should be getting our fiber from fruits, vegetables, and nuts and cutting back on whole wheat.   You may be surprised to know that whole wheat products do the same thing to your body as sugar.

We need the Omega-3s from oily fish.

Many have a magnesium deficiency.

We all need vitamin D and K.

Start with proper nutrition. Cut back on gluten and dairy products. Eat more fresh fruits                        and vegetables. Stop treating the symptom, pain, and began healing your body.


A big plus, the same nutrients that help lower inflammation in your body also contribute to heart and brain health.


Take a multi-vitamin.




Add more beans, vegetables, fruits, and nuts to your diet.


Fish Oil. Eat oily fish three times a week.  Oily fish include wild caught salmon, anchovies, sardines, mackerels, and eel to name a few. Stay away from farm raised fish and tuna.


Magnesium. Many of us are magnesium deficient.  Again Magnesium can be found naturally in beans, greens, fruits, nuts, and seeds. If you feel you need a supplement we have one for you.




Vitamin D. You will find Vitamin D in oily fish, orange juice, soy milk, and beef liver.  Also in dairy products but I suggest we all need to cut back on the dairy.


Vitamin K. This vitamin helps keep the calcium in your bones and improves circulation .




Capsicum. Capsicum is found in the pepper plant. The peppers you eat don’t have to be hot. The chili peppers are the best source. A milder form is found in the red pepper, green pepper, or bell pepper.

Pain Reliving Tip: Enjoy fresh pineapple. Fresh pineapple has pain reliving properties. It has to be fresh because the cooking and canning process removes the effect. 

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